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Below are our up-coming courses.  The full list is under the "News" tab.

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Our 2017 second semester programme starts in July ... our next courses are:

History - Battle of Waterloo

With Bryan Wells on Saturday 29 July, 1.30 pm – 4 pm, at Kapiti Community Centre, 15 Ngahina Street, Paraparaumu

Cost: $20 members $30 non-members

Bryan Wells has studied the Battle of Waterloo for many years, and in 2014 visited the battlefield, and walked it for three days to try to get a better understanding of its details. As they say: “The victors write the history”, and this is very true of this battle. Bryan believes that we (in the British world) have been the victims of a considerable manipulation of the facts in our understanding of the conduct and progress of the Battle of Waterloo during that one fateful day (Sunday, 18 June 1815). Did the Duke of Wellington win the battle, or did Napoleon lose it? That is the question !

Philosophy - Eastern Philosophy

With Jay Shaw on Saturday 5 August, 10 am – 3 pm at Presbyterian Church Hall, Ngaio Road, Waikanae

Cost: $40 members $30 non-members

Freedom – East and West. Do we have control over our own lives or is everything predetermined? Our actions are affected by our beliefs. The discussion will consider different points on the continuum between free will and determinism from both a Western and Eastern point of view. A supporting paper will be provided.

Art history: American Art after 1945  Jack the Dripper to American Gothic’

With Lynda Mapplebeck over 4 Mondays: 7-28 August, 1.30 pm – 4.30 pm at Kapiti Community Centre, 15 Ngahina Street, Paraparaumu

Cost: $100 members $110 non-members

American art movements are explored against a backdrop of social and political change after World War Two. Course delivery is visual, book and internet sources are provided and discussion is welcome.

The topic areas are (i) Abstract Expressionism; (ii) Pop Art; (iii) Feminist art and the art of the Women’s Movement; (iv) Realism and Super-Realism.

An Introduction to Modern Iran

With Hamish McGregor on Saturday 12 August, 10 am – 3 pm at Kapiti Community Centre, 15 Ngahina Street, Paraparaumu

Cost: $40 members $50 non-members

Iran (also known as Persia) is an often misunderstood country. Particularly since the 1979 revolution, Iran and the West have been at loggerheads which has contributed to the abundant negative stereotypes about Iran and its people.

Behind the headlines, however, is a country that boasts a rich civilisation and a highly refined culture. This one-day course provides an overview of Iran: its history, language, culture, religion, and ethnic mosaic. Topics will include: Iranian history since 1500 AD; What is Shi'ite Islam? The beauty of the Persian language (aka Farsi); and practical advice on travel to Iran.

Hamish McGregor completed a Ph.D. on Iranian history at The Australian National University. He has lived and worked in Iran for a number of years as a student and later as a diplomat, and currently lives in Pukerua Bay with his Iranian wife. He is a fluent speaker of Persian, and writes and teaches frequently on Iran. 

And our second semester courses (brochures available early July) are:

Course Date
Gold Card Pick’n Mix Various – 1 day each month
Battle of Waterloo Saturday 29 July
Eastern Philosophy Saturday 5 August
Art History - American Art after 1945 Monday 7 August (4 weeks)
Modern Iran Saturday 12 August
A Bloody Road Home – NZ in WWII Saturday 26 August
Preserving Sound Media Saturday 2 September
Animals in Art Wednesday 6 September (5 weeks)
Vatican Art Saturday 9 September
Pompeii – frozen in time Saturday 16 September
Shakespeare – Twelfth Night Tuesday 26 September (4 weeks)
Marine Conservation Saturday 7 October
Ancient Egypt - Prehistory Wednesday 18 October (4 weeks)
Geology Saturday 11 November
Astronomy Saturday TBA

Kapiti WEA - Learning for Life

The WEA (Workers Educational Association) was set up in 1915 and is the longest-serving provider of adult education in New Zealand. Our aim is to provide community based, stimulating and varied educational activities that develop knowledge, skills, creativity, understanding and enjoyment of life. We offer courses in relaxed, non-threatening environments, using the best tutors available from Wellington and the Kapiti Coast.